Forex Trading Tips

Review of proven trading methods and techniques for both newbies and experienced Forex traders.

How to trade FX with RSI

J. Welles Wilder, a market technician, invented the Relative Strength Index or the RSI back when the FX market wasn’t available to retail traders. In those times (late 1970’s), the current free-floating currency system was in its incipient phases. The Nixon administration scrapped the Bretton [Read more...]

How to Trade Double and Triple Tops and Bottoms

Belonging to classic technical analysis patterns, double and triple tops and bottoms form on all markets. And, quite often. Because of that, technical traders and not only, pay attention to these two reversal patterns, as they suggest the market’s inability to continue in the previous [Read more...]

Tips and Tricks to Look at When CPI Comes Out

The CPI or the Consumer Price Index is the economic release every currency trader must monitor. Called inflation, the CPI tracks the price changes over a given period. It typically refers to all goods and services in an economy, and it is part of every central bank’s mandate. Entire monetary [Read more...]

How to Trade Different Trading Sessions

Currency trading is a 24/5 market that virtually follows the sun. From Monday to Friday, the markets never close, making it difficult to speculate on all trading sessions. Moreover, different trading sessions have different particularities. Some are more volatile than others, for instance, so [Read more...]

Support and Resistance as Pure Price Action Tools

Price action trading refers to buying or selling a currency market or a market without using any technical analysis indicators. Only with the use of trendlines, traders identify support and resistance levels where the market is most likely to hesitate. Because brokers offer various timeframes [Read more...]

When Irrational Beats Logic – Fighting Deflation

Every trader involved in the currency market knows about inflation and its role in the FX market’s volatility. Inflation is part of every central bank’s mandate, and for this reason, it dictates the level of interest rate in an economy. The relationship is a direct one. Higher inflation brings [Read more...]

The Head and Shoulders Pattern in FX Trading

Belonging to classic technical analysis patterns, the head and shoulders is one of the oldest reversal patterns documented. It forms at the end of both bullish and bearish trends and works on all trading environments. There’s plenty of information regarding the head and shoulders pattern, and [Read more...]

How to Build and Trade a Channel

There’s no better way to ride a market than looking for a strong trend and buying dips or selling spikes. However, the problem is that the currency market doesn’t trend that much. And, on top of that, to find a trend is one thing. To define it and trade it using money management rules, is […]

Using Ichimoku to Buy and Sell Forex

The Ichimoku indicator belongs to the Japanese technical analysis approach. Embraced by traders all over the world, it is a powerful tool to both trend trading and finding support and resistance levels. Ichimoku is listed by most trading platforms as a trend indicator, even though it is far [Read more...]

Oil and CAD Correlation Explained

If there’s a commodity that changed the world we live in, that’s oil. Since its discovery, oil shaped up industries disrupted businesses and was the source of the progress we now take for granted. Many associate oil with the driving industry only. In a way, it is normal. Because automobiles are [Read more...]