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Gold as a Safe Investment

In markets, especially Forex, things gain value when both currencies or CFD's are compared in value with other items. Why Gold is considered a precious yellow metal? Metals such as Gold were widely used in the monetary system as a unit of money. When the Federal Reserve was created, the [Read more...]

Why is ‘Margin’ such an issue?

Being fully conversant with the concept of margin calculation may insure you against a number of negative elements such as: Protecting your trading position from an unexpected stop-out; The avoidance of dramatic losses; Maximise the quality operation of your Expert Adviser (EA) especially if [Read more...]

Breaking Stereotypes about ECN Brokers

These days ECN trading still seems vague and obscure to some people even though the first ECN technology (Electronic Communication Network) appeared long time ago, back in 1999. It was called Currenex then. This brand is well-known among ECN traders and it has taken the leading positions [Read more...]

Secrets of Level II

Today’s inexperienced traders in Forex almost stand on a par with professionals. There remains a wide gap with regard to knowledge but their odds have improved due to the proliferation of Forex-related information and different software solutions and tools, developed to facilitate their [Read more...]

Seven Myths about Forex

Seven Myths about Forex It’s hardly possible to find a person that has never heard of the Forex market, as FX-related advertising has literally seized nearly all the information channels. This sort of invasion has surely triggered a great response from the audience, resulting in spreading myths [Read more...]

ECN/STP – How it Fits in Forex

ECN stands for “Electronic Communication Network” that provides direct interaction of individual traders and banks. The latter, along with the major brokers, place orders on behalf of their traders. Due to the order matching mechanism, being the essence of any ECN technology, the opposite [Read more...]

The FOREX revolution and the thinning of the herd

When wikipedia’d the thinning of the heard re-directs to culling with the following definition “Culling is the process of removing animals from a group based on specific criteria”. Of course everyone who is trading FOREX would be aware of what the word culling means, but in order to portray my [Read more...]