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Trading by the Rules

          First you need to accept the fact that trading is simple, and the market is not your problem. The real problem is the way you see and perceive the market as your problem. Actually, no one trades the market. We all trade our own belief systems. If you see [Read more...]

My Journey in Forex Trading

I will share my experience in the Forex market. I hope my story will raise spirits of other traders. I came to Forex trading in 2007. I surfed the Internet in search of the valuable information related to this business. Then I started learning the basics of trading from the website. At [Read more...]

Gold as a Safe Investment

In markets, especially Forex, things gain value when both currencies or CFD's are compared in value with other items. Why Gold is considered a precious yellow metal? Metals such as Gold were widely used in the monetary system as a unit of money. When the Federal Reserve was created, the [Read more...]

1-2-3 Pattern

Veterans of the foreign exchange market know that currency prices move in a zig zag way representing the the bear-vs-bulls force. Everything that really matters here is the price action. Let's try to understand the market analysing candle by candle. It’s important to say that candles [Read more...]

FXOpen Launches Forex Article Contest

FXOpen invites everybody to take part in a contest judging the best article about Forex. You have an opportunity to not only win the prize money, but also to discover hidden, new talents. The contest starts on 1st September and is open to all.   There are two categories in the [Read more...]