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Nikola Lazić

BTC/USD and XRP/USD – Bullish Correction Ended

BTC/USD Over the weekend the price of Bitcoin has continued its bullish trajectory as another increase was made of around 6.69% and the price of Bitcoin increased from $3994.4 on Friday’s low to around $4260 on Sunday’s highest point. But since the price came to those levels it [Read more...]

LTC/USD and EOS/USD – retracement expected

LTC/USD From last Thursday when the price of Litecoin was $51.54 at its lowest point, we have seen an increase of 27.78% measured to yesterday’s highest point of $53.511. Looking at the hourly chart, you can see that the price of Litecoin has met my target as the 5th wave fully developed. [Read more...]

LTC/USD and EOS/USD in a retracement

LTC/USD Over the course of the last seven days, the price of Litecoin has increased by 24% as it went from $33.5 on last Thursday to $48.87 at its highest spike on last Friday but has since come down to and is currently sitting at $41.8. On the hourly chart, we can see that the […]

BTC/USD and XRP/USD in a minor retracement

BTC/USD From last week’s analysis on Tuesday, February 5th when the price of Bitcoin was $3501 the price has decreased at first as the resistance there was too strong for it to break out. Then the price has fallen to $3437 where it was hovering around in a minor horizontal range until [Read more...]

BTC/USD increased by 2%, XRP/USD raised by 5% for a week

BTC/USD At the moment of the last week’s analysis on Tuesday 29th of January, the price of Bitcoin was $3430 at its lowest point. That was the end of the 3rd wave to the downside from the Minute impulsive move, which is the corrective wave Z of a higher degree Minor count. After this [Read more...]

LTC/USD and EOS/USD: downside is expected

LTC/USD Since last Thursday when the price of Litecoin was $32.3 things haven’t changed much as the price is currently at the same levels. Looking at the hourly chart, you can see that this didn’t happen in a straight line as the price of Litecoin went further up and came to $34.254 [Read more...]

BTC/USD and XPR/USD: correction ended, increase is expected

BTC/USD Since last week when the price of Bitcoin was $3593 on Monday, the price has increased at first to $3666. It was an upper level from the range where the price was bouncing inside throughout most of the week. Then an attempt has been made to breakout from that range on the upside on […]