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October 31, 2018

Stability of cryptocurrency. What does it mean?

For a long time, leading digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ether, continue to soar around average price points, which remain relatively stable. Of course, significant news of the cryptocurrency market can send shock waves throughout the market, quickly causing a surge or a fall in prices. [Read more...]

EUR/USD Following Downtrend While USD/JPY Gains Traction

EUR/USD remained in a solid downtrend and broke the 1.1400 support. Conversely, USD/JPY is following a solid uptrend and it could continue higher towards 114.00. Important Takeaways for EUR/USD and USD/JPY The Euro declined recently and broke the 1.1460 and 1.1400 support levels. There is a [Read more...]

Bitcoin Drops, Litecoin Back in Downtrend

Both bitcoin and litecoin lost ground since our last update. The percentage of the drop differed greatly however. While BTC/USD fell by $192 dollars or close to 3 percent, LTC/USD declined by a much larger 6.8 percent. This put LTC back in a downtrend. Bitcoin Still in Larger Range With the [Read more...]